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"This is my alberta"



We want to make a film and a photoreportage showing the region of Alberta through the point of view of Albertans. Three rhythmic portraits in one film showcasing the essence of Albertan lifestyle. The goal is to share the stories of three very different characters who are connected by the same thing: living in one of the world's most beautiful and inspiring region. The goal is to highlight the diversity of Alberta in one piece. 

The film could end in a choral way where we hear the voice of each character saying at the same time "This is my Alberta, What's yours?".  



That's what we think is the best season but, we are open to run this project at any time depending the interest and the needs of Travel Alberta.


Mood board 

Example of storyboard:

Portrait 1: Jeff is a cow boy living in a valley. With a voice-over narration he tells us HIS Alberta, his secret places, his daily routine. (countryside, small town, authentic people...)

Portrait 2: Sarah is a graphic designer living in Calgary. On her free time she loves to hit the road with friends to live an other passion: mountain biking. From the city to the mountains, she tells us their journey. 

Portrait 3: Mike is a Park Ranger who dedicate his life to wildlife/environnement protection and regulation. We follow his everyday challenge to keep a safe cohabitation between humans and animals. 




  • a  6 minutes video mixing three portraits (rights of use for web /worldwide / 3 years)

  • a video shortcut for Instagram (45 sec teaser)

  • 20 pictures (rights of use for web /worldwide / 3 years)

  • 5 Instagram posts on @buchowski's account - 4 pics + video shortcut - (@TravelAlberta and dedicated hashtag)



15 000 USD* 

 *(does not include flights, travel accommodations and extras) 


Film references/inspirations :



Our goal is to find strong characters sharing their love for their land, conveying the soul of Alberta. For us, the best way to advertise for a destination is to show it on its large spectrum: landscapes, people, lifestyle and activities. And we can get it all in one through the story of locals. We'd love to get out of the most famous places of the region like Banff or Jasper and show more of the less "trendy" places  (provincial parks, towns or national parks).

At the moment we are thinking about people connected to Nature such as: A Park ranger (or someone related to animals, protecting bears...), a city person who hits the road on his free-time to the wild Alberta (doing activities like: biking, climbing, trekking ...), a contemporary cow-boy, a self-sufficient guy (alternative living, hunter gatherer...). But we are open to new perspective and suggestions.

In between an advertising short film and a documentary, we would take advantage of our fresh eye on the destination (as we've never been to Alberta yet) to capture instinctively a true sense of discovery through these encounters.

Every still of the video would be aesthetic: biking with a headlamp at the blue hour, making a campfire, cutting wood, crossing a river with horses, watching bears, roaring fire, crafty moments, welcoming interiors...



A french professional duo of Photographer & Filmmaker.

We worked for Universal Music, Huawei, Givenchy, Land Rover, Mini, ...